Impulse Moving Sealer (IMS)

Bags are sealded without stopping the conveyor

  • Heater wire width: 5 mm
  • Impulse control Temp.: control
  • Heater move stroke: 450mm
  • Max. bag width: 460mm
  • Conveyor Speed(mm/sec): 16
  • Seal Time Max(sec): 1.09
  • Estimated Capacity(B/H): 1600

1.    Bags are sealed without stopping the conveyor because the impulse heater seals the bag while moving at the same speed as the bag delivery chains.
2.    Will seal gusset bags.
3.    The impulse sealing method assures quick temperature rise to start operation in a short time period.
4.    High thermal efficiency because bags are sealed under pressure.  Effective also for powder packing.
5.    Low power consumption and small footprint.
6.    Rewinding type Teflon sheets for heater wire protection.

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